Panama Transshipment Group (PTG) contribution to the maritime, logistics and port industry development of the country is endorsed with more than 20 years of experience. PTG has provided to shippers a multidisciplinary team to offer optimal services, through the extraordinary management operations in multiple cargo terminals.


The model developed by PTG has transformed the connectivity between ports, making productivity and efficiency a unique competitive advantage. These traits are evident to our customers, improving their supply chain while positioning PTG as the number one company in the sector.


Customers are the driving force behind Panama Transshipment Group (PTG) to work towards constant innovation and better techniques and equipment. PTG most challenging project is not only to remain the best in the business, but it is to grow and consolidate the credibility and trust that our clients have deposit on us . This is our mission and value proposition to our customers that for years have guaranteed the success and prestige of PTG group within the logistics, maritime and port sector.


    Panama Transshipment Group, through its subsidiaries, offers stevedoring services for containers in a specialized level, contributing to the strengthening of the major port areas of the country. The company has developed a pattern of work focused on the commitment of its employees with its strategic partners, making available a wide range of logistics specialties oriented to satisfy any requirement.


    PTG through its subsidiaries offers its customers a service of monitoring and handling of refrigerated cargo: starting from the connection and disconnection of transshipment, through exhaustive monitoring and container handling specialized control with temperature and atmospheric from the ship to the port terminal and vice versa.


    Panama Transshipment Group has teams of high-tech haulage (chassis, gen set, low boy) to complement its comprehensive range of services with operations outside dock. Ensuring that dry and refrigerated containers, dangerous goods and oversized containers are provided with the necessary to achieve optimally reach their destination logistics. In addition to the technical team, PTG has a structured human talent capable of responding to the needs of its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    PTG offers its customers an advanced tool for managing information transfer operations by destination for each ship, port to port. Through the Omega system, developed exclusively by Panama Transshipment Group, our clients can manage the logistical support provided from the terminal, and generate in situ, exceptions, load conditions, contingencies stowed containers, security seals, documentation, reporting controls, coordination with customs, quarantine, temperature controls / ranges, and container traffic by destination.


    PTG has a complete platform to offer its customers a range of services and transit connections per channel: observation of time spent, paperwork, networking and connections. To ensure the robustness of the service, technical staff has extensive operational knowledge allowing them to control the timing, contingencies and efficiently directing the activities of the transshipment of containers and achieve excellence in handling and tracking.


Panama Transshipment Group (PTG), through its subsidiaries, has provided various shipping companies and terminals high quality port services, constant development of new technologies and communication tools that create value for their customers. PTG is a company that since its foundation has transformed its challenges and conditions into opportunities to expand and enhance its reach within the area of maritime, logistics and port services. Hence, following the privatization of the ports, PTG has emerged as a competitive alternative in the provision of port operations at loading / unloading, monitoring of refrigerated cargo and trans-shipment, among others.


The active participation of our leaders in the modernization and changes of Panama ports and logistics scheme, has allowed to develop new skills within the group, expanding our knowledge and influence into negotiating loads, control job losses, rising competitiveness, infrastructure investment and management of unused equipment.


Consequently, Panama Transshipment Group (PTG) is today the leading company in Panama and the only one with potential and knowledge to provide comprehensive logistics services, which includes not only the organization of connections between ports, but also support the break bulk: management plans of the ships, connections, procedures permits from the authorities, management immediate response to ships in transit, among others. This expanded knowledge has enabled PTG to offer its customers an efficient service delivering shipping containers and ensuring productivity shipping to which it serves.

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The vanguard is essential when achieving efficiency and productivity of services and is for that reason that PTG devotes significant portion of its investment in the development of new technologies and constant innovation; ensuring through this our competitiveness within the logistics, maritime and port services sector. The products developed by Panama Transshipment Group are the guarantee of excellent service provided and it’s also what positioned the group as the leader in the industry and has allowed them to consolidate their main project: the trust of customers who daily delivered to PTG and its subsidiaries the responsibility of transfer and handling their cargo.


The Omega technology is the most ambitious project so far developed by PTG, this modern system represents a revolution in the industry providing traceability of the load. Omega unifies and centrally controls all the information the client need to manage transshipments input port to output port or ship to ship destination origin; this tool connected online, increases time controls to ensure efficient deliveries, while allowing monitoring via web simultaneously.


To Panama Transshipment Group success and business growth is closely linked to the development of human talent, from research and production to improvements in services and the development of innovations , the whole team of collaborators from PTG adds value to meet the aims and aspirations of the company.


In Panama Transshipment Group human resources area is directly linked to each business line, creating a motivating and challenging environment to work on the implementation of leading-edge processes for the sole purpose of promoting superior performance and development of all its employees.


Take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by the company number one in the maritime and port logistics industry, apply online and join the challenge of changing the future of the sector.

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